ConNect With AtomicLavender

After more than a decade in media, multimedia and social media, with experience around the globe in a variety of industries, I learned two things.

Social media and digital marketing are cornerstones on which many successful companies are built. And, despite social media’s role in business, I noticed an astonishing lack of personalization and creativity as brands tended to gravitate towards large media management companies with dozens, if not hundreds of clients. As a result, their social media presence was inconsistent, lifeless and inauthentic.

That gap inspired me to launch Atomic Lavender Social Media Management.

Atomic Lavender only takes on select number of clients. We are a boutique, social media management company that combines my love for technology with a restless creativity. My passion is to understand your brand to better represent it across social media.

More than regular posts, pretty pictures, automated responses or corporate buzz words, it is about personalized, original content that will boost your following, improve your engagement and help your business grow.